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Wow. I think I've started and stopped, and stopped and started my blog... numerous times. I think I'm done now.

I didn't celebrate my 30th... pandemic. But I celebrated 31. In college I LOVED going out. All. The. Time. Clubs.. museums... galleries... libraries... "you name it" As I got older my taste started to change... well mainly just the clubs part.

Celebrating 31 going to Niagra Falls with my mom and enjoying a world wonder was a good happy time. Who ever says going out with your mom is lame... we can't be friends stop reading. Move on.

My mom is the dopest female. I love that woman.

She's my rock, my dictionary, my google, my mommy. She's pushed me in my direction, now after manifesting, and really focusing... it's happening baby!

31 has been an incredible year, and we aren't even in a full spring season. I am proud of what I have done, I am proud of who I am becoming. I am proud of me. I don't say that often.

I want this journal, this online source, this blog, my story to be read. I usually write in a journal, but sometimes feedback and comments are appreciated.

There are so many things I am going to do.. I want the world to know what I am capable of. This is the very first time in almost 12 years that I've written a positive blog post. I am not backspacing. Ever. (unless i miss spell Wednesday)

Thank you for reading, and sharing, and caring! I am looking forward to great relationships, networking opportunities... EVERYONE. Hi world

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