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Ahh! I did it! I found it, the website, the drive, the determination to finally create a full time blog. Looking back at the year I procrastinated dramatically when it came to putting in the effort to starting this journey.

I had a lot of self doubt...

Will people read my blog? Will people like it? Will people think I am whining? Or bragging?

I focused on what I thought people would say rather than what I have to say. What I want to share and tell.

Even if my blog or website doesn't create a following, I will share this with my children and their children. God willing.

Then they can laugh at me and I'll take it. :)

I change my mind so much, it's frustrating to build something and stick to it. It has taken me to the end of the year to take this leap of faith and stick to my plan.

My plan changes so much, I think I have a plan Z part two just in case.

In this blog you'll find posts about my life as an commercial actress, print model, pageant queen, fitness model, studio owner, coordinator, coffee drinker, vlogs about product reviews, being a dancer, friendships, conversations with my mother, coaching tips for pageants, healthy eating, and fashion.

I was looking for a niche when it came to my website, my niche is within the fashion.. art... and pageant community.

This is an artistry lifestyle blog.

I really hope you enjoy it... I know you will.

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