Baby Smooth

I adore Love Yourself All Natural Products. Especially the No. 135 Coco Shea Cream. It's soft, long lasting, and keeps my skin baby smooth. I use the coco shea cream after a shower, and my skin does not feel dry for the rest of the day. It really lasts that long!

This product is also great for hair, if you have a dry or itchy scalp, use the tip of your finger, part your hair, and rub in with your roots. Give yourself a little scalp massage. Your hair will thank you!

Love Yourself All Natural is a local business, the products can be found online and at the Shop Rite in Newark NJ. Due to my allergies I can only use a few of the products. (a lot of allergies)

The ingredients in the coco shea cream are coco butter, coconut, omega 3, and raw shea butter. 4 ingredients! What more do you need in a daily cream?!?

The No. 135 Coco Shea Butter starts off as a paste, and melts once you rub it into your hands. It's super soft, very absorbent, and addicting! Honestly I don't want to use another cream after this one. It's great for all skin types, and will leave you smelling fresh and clean.

There's another way to look into why I love this product on my youtube channel. Be sure to subscribe!

Click here to purchase the No. 135 Coco Shea Butter Cream


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