The little things

When you're putting together your "power" outfit in the morning what's the first thing you go for?

Today my first go to was earrings! And it's usually always ALWAYS shoes. I don't wear earrings that often, I find that my shoes are more of the conversation starter. However I saw these beauties and thought let me make something simple around something so colorful.

Ta-Da! That's what I did!

Creativity can start from anywhere! Today it started with a pair of earrings. The top is a t shirt my grandmother made and the pants are from the Limited.

Energy Flow

Today's events are mainly going to be how I can turn what I do into a powerhouse. One thing I have learned while staying indoors is that being able to adapt, create, and still believe in your work is beyond amazing.

My dance studio is fully opened! I don't think I've every been so excited to dance... ever. However owning a studio comes with a lot of... responsibilities.

Recruitment, advertising, networking, upkeep, just to name a few! But I got this.

Head over to the studio site if you are ever around to take a class or chat over coffee!

Make sure that whatever you wear puts a smile on your face! If not take it off, and try again.

Never leave your house angry! Regroup... take your time... and think about your goals, and how you can take over the world.

This outfit may be simple, but sometimes simple is all you really need to focus on the little things...

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