Dress to Impress

Let's talk about pageant rehearsals. Most pageants, not all, have rehearsals for the final night and competition. This helps the contestants go over where to stand, how to pose, and gain more confidence while walking on the stage. I always suggest wearing the shoes that will be worn for the competition so that the your body, has the memory of the stage for your walking pattern.

During rehearsals, yes it is a relaxed and closed space. However, wearing sweat pants, rollers in your hair, and flats might not be the best way to go.

Always remember as soon as you walk into the hotel, banquet hall, or venue, for pageant weekend you are being judged.

The competition has begun.

Rehearsals aren't just for fun. It's your chance to show your personality to the pageant staff, to other contestants, and always be photo ready.

As the titleholder, you must look your best for interviews, events, rehearsals, etc. There is never a dull moment in the spot light when it comes to being a queen. So why should pageant rehearsals be any different?

I am not saying you have to dress up to the nine with an elaborate outfit. (some women do) But look your best!

Pageants are a survival of the fittest competition. Wake up early, drink your coffee, have your snacks, and be READY.

You never know who you will meet, what surprises may happen, or what to expect. So always look your best.

My experience with past pageants, I made sure I brought really fashionable outfits for rehearsals because I wanted to show that I cared about the system and that this was a job.

You don't show up to work wearing sweats... right?

No dressing up for rehearsals doesn't have any barring on who wins the pageant, be that as it may, you were confident and strong and yourself. Remember pageants are like job interviews... and the interview lasts sometimes for a weekend or an entire week. Dress up for the role, and when you get back to your hotel room, then hang out in your favorite comfy clothes. :)


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