Let me see you WALK

We all know how to walk. But can you walk a runway? Walking on a runway, or pageant stage can feel intimidating because.. well people are staring, the bright lights, thoughts of tripping and falling... the list goes on.

However walking in heels is one of the most powerful things women can do. (And do well) It does take practice to get it right. Pageant walk and model walk are two very different things. Pageant walks have more of a strut, model walks are more of a fast pace walk.

Tips for a pageant Walk:
  1. Try not to bounce in your heels

  2. When practicing for evening wear, use fast pace music to control your slow walk

  3. Never ever look down at the floor.

Bouncing looks juvenile, when you're competing for a "Miss" or "Ms" division bouncing while in heels gives off the look of nervousness and unsureness.

Evening wear is your time to shine on the stage. Some gowns have the most elaborate beading and stunning silhouettes. Why rush the judges! Slow down. Rehearsing to fast pace music will make you want to walk to the beat. Practicing walking against it and slowing down the pace. You run the show!

The floor doesn't move! Look up at the audience and judges. If you have to go down a set of stairs than a quick glance is fine. ;)


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