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Oasis of the Seas

A 7 day cruise with oh so much to do. I went on a wonderful cruise with my mommy! (because who wouldn't go on a vacation with their awesome mom)

Oasis of the Seas is a huge ship with 17 decks. Your sea pass card is your lifeline. It is your cabin room card, your credit card, and your ticket to get back on the boat when you are having fun on land.

The first sail away party was a blast, kids were already in the pool, everyone had a drink in their hand, and we were ready for vacation!

Now I am the type of person to unpack my suitcase as soon as I get into my room, which is what I did. My mom still finds it creepy.

The cabin was small, but we hardly spent any time in the room. The closet space was a little tight, but that water pressure in the shower was five stars.

Even though it was a tight space, we were able to make it work with all of the little hideaway shelf space, and storage space under the beds. (make sure you look under there before you leave the ship)

The cabin also had a mini cooler, not a fridge, to keep wine, or gluten free goods cool.

Let's talk about the food!

Before getting on to the ship, I called a Royal Caribbean planner, to make sure that the chef would be aware of my allergies.

On deck 16, there was a dinning hall called the Wind Jammer. With a spread of food, from burgers to your favorite cultural bites.

There was a small section for gluten free options, and when asking for gluten free bread... It felt as if the staff had to go on the other end of the ship to grab two slices. I was content with the Wind Jammer and their options for me, however it was still very limited. For dinner, my mom and I had the wonderful opportunity to meet two other members aboard the ship. Robin and Daniel! A mom and son on vacation, we had the best time from our first dinner to the last.

Now dinner was very interesting... my first night was salmon drizzled with honey, it made my mouth water! The following night, they served me a bald chicken breast, with asparagus and rice..... No. Seasoning. The chicken was bare as a bone! Now yes my allergy list is long but really? No adobo? No hot sauce? I also had to consider that all of what the chef and his staff is preparing is canned, or frozen and preserved for the ship week. The desserts were great!

I did have a few small allergic reactions, but not to the point where I would need medical attention.

Are we home yet?

The length of the vacation was a bit long, to be on a ship. I would suggest a five day or 4 day cruise. 7 days without my cats.... after day 5 I was ready!

Oasis always had an event, party, a show to attend. The gym was beautiful! But who is working out on vacation?!? (I did.. just a little)

One of my favorite parties was the silent disco night! However, I am not sure if a music license was needed, because most of the music was from the 2000's, which I am absolutely not complaining about. Nevertheless listening and dancing to current songs would have livened up the party more.

Two shows were on the ship, 80's themed diving show, and Cats the Broadway show. As a dancer I had to go to both. The diving performance was amazing!! The show was very... Wet. The dancers were able to do some fantastic tricks, and hold their breath longer than 30 seconds.

Cats is always phenomenal, the cast was sensational, and the stage was beautiful. I would have loved to have seen both shows again, however due to the pot holes from the water, AKA rocky waves (yes I call everything a pot hole) Cats was canceled, and due to technical diving issues the Aero 80's show was canceled.

Land Ho!

Going to Coco Cay, was an adventure, it was a huge waterpark with a lot of excursions and chill vibe beaches. The waterpark was very expensive, and so were a few of the excursions. Mom and I ate (burgers), we swam and I stepped on a jelly fish, so we instantly had to get out before he told all of his friends. The entire beach was full of jellies. I over heard people complaining about the jelly fish. But it's the ocean what are you going to do?

It was a very hot day, but we made the best of it! Playing table tennis, walking along the beach, and just enjoying a day out in the sun.

Visiting Nassau was beautiful, the water, the dolphins, everything was beautiful! Mom was infatuated with the sting rays.

Going into the city to be among the people was exciting, we met some really fun locals, and bought a few items to take home and share with family.

Money Money Money

So what had happened was... (You know the story is good when you start off that way) We received an email from BJ's about savings for cruises! Thank you BJ's!! Instantly bought the cruise tickets, we have never been to the Bahamas, and we recently renewed our passports so let's go.

Buying the cruise tickets were 400 each. (Not bad right) The excursions were completely sold out. There were a few spaces available for some outrageous excursions such as, going to touch alligators... that was actually an excursion I wanted to do. (adventure is out there)

Although we didn't book any excursions, we made the best of our vacation on amazing beaches.

The drinking packages were insane. $400 for alcohol beverage packages.... You'd have to drink at least 4 drinks per day to equal that amount. Luckily I didn't see anyone too drunk.

The soda package was a bit pricy as well, I did not buy any of the packages, water is gluten free enough for me.

The gratuity is very different, this is only my second cruise. My first was my high school graduation gift. Gratuity, was left in your cabin in an envelope at the end of your stay. Oasis of the Seas took our card information and billed us $15 per night for gratuity. Now you can change the amount, and you can have your card information removed, and place a balance on your Sea Pass card. Do this as soon as you board the ship by going to guests services. Things you learn on day 5 of the ship. (laugh out loud)

My suggestion, book your excursions the same time you book your cruise ship. Only then will you get the best deals, and the best bang for your buck.

I'm Home!

Yes, 7 days was a long time, long enough to get to know people on board. The experience was great, not too much sea sickness, and everyone had a great vibe. The music and the food could have been better, but if you're looking for a lovely getaway by all means. Get on this ship.

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