Pop Up ventures

I started the #ThankYouKindly brand purely because I love our planet, I love taking care of others, and I love anything reusable and sustainable.

Promoting #TYK is some what scary, exciting, and stressful. I love being a small business owner, working for myself and pushing myself to work and hustle.

I tried my first Pop Up Shop for #ThankYouKindly. It didn't turn out as well as I would have hoped. But that's what happens (I suppose)

I did make really nice connections with other vendors, and learned a lot about setting up my cute little table to make my set up look like a complete store.

I know my venture with #TYK is a learning journey which I am completely ready for. I even thought of a few ideas for a children's line while at the Pop Up Shop.

I will have to do more research on pop ups, mind my budget, and trust in myself that #TYK will go very far. Here are some pictures of my table set up!

Shop the line on my shop page! #TYK is expanding <3


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