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Queen’s Runway

I did that. I thought it would be a little more stressful to run a fashion show. However, the stress was still there, but my mindset and my goal was met. I really had a great time being a host and a designer I did lose one designer, one week before the show that was totally not in anyway under my control, but the outcome of the event was very successful.

Some of the stress of having to run a fashion show was losing models, miscommunication, unwritten emails, not getting enough sleep, and thinking that I would forget some thing on the day of the fashion show.

I manage a dance studio, organize a pageant system.... I figured why not try to run my own fashion show?

it was hard at first to solidify designers. I invited designers from neighboring cities with no luck to my avail. I would receive maybes, but never a yes. And trying to explain the concept of the show gave a little more of an interest from designers. However, I was back at square one, nonetheless God is good and gave me two amazing designers that communicated well, understood the assignment, and shared the vision that I had in mind.

When it came to auditioning models that was much easier. You share on social media that you're going to have a fashion show and everyone shows up. I had quite a turn out for the model castings and was able to even have model cuts. Once the models were chosen with their designers, everything seemed to be running very smoothly. As we got closer to the day of the fashion show, models were backing out little by little. All for various reasons but to know that my number of model selections was plunging, was a little nerve-racking.

Having to be a designer, and make sure my collection was fluid, be the middleman for designers and their models, and also be the marketing person on top of other events and managing my dance studio I had a lot on my plate.

On the day of the event, I was very calm I went to mass, I didn't even rush my mother when she was getting ready to leave the house! The only thing that kept going through my mind was whatever happens happens... and everything happens for a reason.

I always make sure that I have a schedule timed perfectly with what's going to happen next and if you know me, I am a time person. Everything has to be on time. My schedule really helped me throughout the day. Everyone somewhat came on time and that helped me plan out the order of the show very well.

I was able to have five f vendors! Who all were able to sell their products, even the designers were able to sell their clothing and accessories. The fashion show was amazing! Yes, there were hiccups because models were repeated due to the lack of numbers. But the vibe was there. The DJ was great. The audience was amazing and everyone left happy.

That's always one of my main goals. Is that people leave happy. I like to feed people I like to make sure that they leave with something tangible and non-tangible when someone I don't even know comes up to me after some thing that I have coordinated and says you did an amazing job.... I automatically give myself five stars. It's such an accomplishment for me because that means that that person will want to come back to one of my events because they know from past experience the type of shows that I can produce.

The team I had for the Queen's Runway was the best team in the world. It's very hard for me to delegate jobs that I know I can do myself. Such as photography, ticket handling, playing music, all the above. If it's something I know I can do. It's hard for me to find that right person who is very like-minded and will get the job done correctly. in other words MY correctly.

It hasn't been a week of the fashion show and I'm already planning the next one... I don't stop and I'm OK with that. When there's some thing I know I'm really good at I keep doing it until it's perfected.

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