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Sell, Donate, Repeat

Have you ever looked in your closet, and said, "wow I haven't worn this in a while". Yes! We all have! And yet we still buy more and more clothes.

With the way the world is going, I think we can all use some time to go through our closets to figure out what we wear, what we don't, and what we can sell or donate.

I've several methods I use for my clothes. My closet, I randomly check every month for clothes that I am not necessarily feeling or noticing that I am starting to like other colors or patterns.

My drawers come next, with a good scoop of donate or sell. I make piles: donate, sell, keep.

The "keep" pile usually tends to be rather full, if I like most of my wardrobe. But this is always a good way to make sure you are actually wearing your closet.

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