Feeling myself

Sometimes a good blazer and a sparkly pair of shoes can go a long way.

This outfit was more of a surprise than anything! I loved the jeans and knew I wanted to wear these shoes. But I needed a really banging out shirt and jacket. My grandmother's closet I went and found this awesome blazer.

It's the rhinestones on the crop top for me.

I never intended to feel so powerful in a blazer but I've come to appreciate what this look can do for confidence and self esteem. I felt like a boss all day!

Walk on the river

After a long day of working on my goals, career, and making sure the next five years are awesome I took some time to hang out by the waterfront.

Working in outfits that make you feel good make work not feel like work. This outfit really set my day for good vibes, great conversation, and inspiration.

The blazer - Grandmother's closet

Crop top - Windsor

Jeans - Uniqlo

Shoes - Windsor

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