Summer Fashion Suggestions

This summer wasn't as uneventful as I thought. No I wasn't able to travel out of state or have brunch with my ladies but I did go out with a bang when I could. Most of these outfits are my from my grandmothers closet. She was a seamstress and man could she whip something up! I love her style because these are all fashion statements that will never die! Enjoy the Blog Fashion Show.

So excuse me for not posting a grandmother classic first. However! This dress was only 3 dollars! From wish! Its a simply scoop dress with an abstract print but the compliments I received from wearing it... Sensational. I only purchased this dress to see if I would like using wish, and I guess you can say yea! Best 3 dollars I ever spent.

Ok Ok lets focus. Back to the show.

Brown Goddess.

I feel like SuperWoman in this dress. It's perfect for any season. No it doesn't have pockets but the belt (my grandmother made) makes up for that.

I loved that my grandmother was able to make anything out of fabric and a pattern. I did try... to learn how to sew... I am not that patient. I mean.. threading a needle?!? If it doesn't happen the first time after the 10th time I'm over it.

This brown goddess dress can be worn for any occasion! Fashion Show, Interview, Date, Brunch. Endless possibilities.

Flower Lover.

I don't love flowers... never have.. I like plants and bamboo. That's pretty much it.

This dress I thought was a night gown! Turns out to be a wonderful-clings-to-your-body-with pockets-flower-love-dress.

The one thing I love about this dress is that it's so elegant. It reminds me of a Pretty Woman moment! It's a head turner. It's definitely a sophisticated grandmother's closet dress. One for the books.

Julie Rose.

My grandmother wasn't a fan of jeans, the top is all her. If you notice on the top, there are roes embedded in the fabric. Her middle name was Rose. So this shirt means the world to me. The color is very calming, and then the pattern gives it an extra taste of class.

Lady in White.

This is the ultimate dress, the sound of music dress, the trip to Paris dress, the yes please more coffee dress.

Yes she made the belt too!

My grandmother had a way with clothes, she always walked out of the house looking like a trillion bucks. Yes. A. Trillion. I try to follow that, somedays, doesn't always work out but I try!


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