Summer outfits

This summer I loved wearing my grandmothers vintage wardrobe. I wore her clothes as much as possible! Any opportunity to go out and represent Julia Rose I did!

I loved that she made her outfits, so now I have original pieces that I will pass down to my daughters!

I must say I am truly blessed to have had an awesome grandmother who was able to take on a sewing machine and make magical clothes. I now have plenty of statement pieces to wear for years! Talk about recycling fashion.

The carousel dress, I thought was a night gown. My mom told me "umm no she wore that everywhere, and it has pockets." Any dress with pockets is a God send! The fabric is so soft and I feel like a classy lady.

The abstract art dress is not one of my grandmothers but it is one of my favorite summer dresses. I ordered this from it was my trial buy with wish to see if the app worked and I liked the reviews on this dress. Every time I have this dress on I receive a compliment. Best #3.00 dress ever!

The brown and white dress are Julia Rose designs! The brown dress is such a statement, it turns heads, and makes me feel like I can take over the world! It's a boss dress. The white dress makes me feel so free and elegant. Honestly I could live in that dress. It's so soft and can be worn to almost any occasion. The scarf dress is another one of my favorite bargains, bought in Virginia for $5.00 at a thrift store. I love finding dresses that are versatile to wear with heels and sneakers.

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