This past weekend I had a wonderful time getting my #ThankYouKindlyKids line ready. I selected four little girls for the photo shoot. They all did a fabulous job. Each of them have such genuine personalities that I felt fit the brand completely.

This was not an overnight process, and it's still ongoing. But the fact that I have started something from just an idea and can see where it can go gives me chills.

I wanted to incorporate my grandmother into the brand. Her middle name was Rose. The #ThankYouKindly is a rose.

I want to keep her legacy as a classic woman within #ThankYouKindly.

During the #ThankYouKindlyKids photo shoot I had the girls wear a few outfits, and we even did some Reels for Instagram and TikTok! They were super excited about that. The clothes fit them like a glove. And to make it even better they loved the outfits. That's one of my goals to make sure that parents and kids enjoy what they are wearing.

Honestly I truly love having my own space to do photo shoots, events, and host parties. It's less of a worry, and hassle trying to book something available. Especially now! God is good.

The moms and their girls had so much fun with this shoot. As a model, I wanted to make sure they got a full experience of a clothing line photo shoot. There was a crafty table set up, and they each had their names on the clothes they were going to wear. The lights were bright, and the photographer (me) was super cool and fun!

Creating the designs for the #ThankYouKindlyKids Collection wasn't difficult. I used my grandmother's Rose and went from there. It was more so tedious than hard. I designed, and placed all of the logos, roses, stamps, everything myself. One woman shop.

Overall this is a long journey that I am ready for. I'm ready to put in the work to make sure all of my outfits and brands are doing well. Im ready to push the limit, and Im ready for whatever happens! The journey is a lesson, and every lesson is a good one.

The #ThankYouKindlyKids collection is on my shop! You can purchase now.


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