Melanin Glow

Brown Skin.... You know I love your brown skin!

India Arie said it best! I absolutely love my brown skin. Being a woman of color is one of the most regal, prideful, and humbling experiences. We are so confident and powerful. We can take over the world, we can come together and work on making the next generation strong and proud.

"Be proud of who YOU are"... Say that again.

When I look at myself in the mirror I say a mantra... be a bad ass woman today. After my first sip of coffee that is usually what happens. However it doesn't happen every time. Women have their days of not wanting to carpe the diem...

And that is OK! Rest is important too.

My brown skin is amazing, and witnessing other young woman who are entrepreneurs reach their goals and dreams is nothing but a dream come true. Watching dancers become principal within dance companies, and even with this pandemic, how women have been able to adapt and grow their business is standing ovation worthy.

I chose this outfit because I am a sucker for dresses and hats. Plus it shows off the right amount of skin and adds a little mystery.

My grandmother was a huge hat lady, she always wore a hat. Every. Single. Day.

Newark is my hometown, I am proud to call Newark my home. It's changed over the past 2 decades. (Oy aging myself there) New exciting building, apartments, more retail stores. I'm loving it! Especially with my pageant organization Miss Newark USA. I am able to partner and collaborate with a lot of businesses within the city.

This is the Ironside building that'll have retail space, apartments, and an amazing rooftop. I would have loved to had the chance to view the rooftop for an event or party! But hopefully next year. (minus the mask)

Living my life like it's golden.

Everyone's life is golden! It's up to you to make it rain. I love using song lyrics from artists of color because their words, resonate deeper with how I feel, and the messages overall make me want to keep the song on repeat instead of shuffle.

Brown skin and a golden life... I am really happy with myself and my career and that of the many women in this world doing what they LOVE to do.

Yes you can have a 9-5 and still work on a side hustle.

Yes you can have a family and work on your goals.

Yes you can live with your parents until you reach your ultimate goal of home ownership.


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