The things we carry, and what we can let go of

clothes and shoes

Fun fact, I really like the movie Frozen.... mostly the second one but I do love the song "Let it go". It has plenty of meanings! One of them being to let go of some material items.

"Turn away and slam the door" - Elsa

It's important to know when to let something go. Things aren't made they way they used to be. (nostalgic right) I do believe it's important to buy from a brand that makes sustainable, long lasting, pieces. The world we live in now is so disposable. We always want the latest, newest, biggest ticket item. Why?

Fun story time. When I was in college, my senior year, my tv in my dorm room was so small. (like 10'' screen) But yet I still had movie nights packed with ten people in my room watching my little TV! Life isn't about material things, It's about experiences, great friends, great food!!!

Do you really need to buy that?

It's important to know when you need something and when you want something. Need vs. Want. When you and something to your wish list, that is a want. Christmas is coming up so I know everyone is gearing up their wish lists. Now what if we turned that list into a need list. How drastically would it change? What would be nicked off of your list?

This year I have seen so many garage sale signs around my neighborhood because we are all staying home, renovating or realizing we have so much to let go!

"Let it go, let it go, can't hold it back anymore."- Elsa

So here is a little bit of homework, go around your home, and ask yourself if there is anything you could donate or sell online. What do you need in your home to keep it a home. I always ask myself why I need something before I purchase anything. This will help save money, will question your shopping habits, and will help you let go and find what you need.

Side note... Please use reusable bags when you shop. #Thankyoukindly in advance :)


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