J.R. Julia Rose

Updated: Oct 17

My grandmother was an amazing seamstress, she could make any outfit look like it came straight out of a magazine. Her style was so eclectic, trend setting, outgoing, one of a kind! All the adjectives you can think of that mean phenomenal... That was HER.

My grandmother made this white dress and BELT! Yes she made accessories too, I found that out after going through photo albums and boxes upon boxes of clothes. I love that she was able to look at something in any retail store and say... I can make that!

I was able to find earrings that match the belt buckle to give the outfit a complete uniform look. (no she didn't make the earrings)

Very pleased to say that my wardrobe for now is set with my grandmother's vintage line. I think I'll call it JR for Julia Rose.

I feel like I am in the move Pretty Woman with this dress on. I guess I have to reenact the moment of the HUGE mistake!

My grandmother was taller than me... well everyone is. She was 5'7, lean, gorgeous, and always looked her best. She wore hats like I wear heels.

She was my BEST FRIEND! We shared everything and did everything together. She taught me about men, friendships, clothes, finances, to read important books, and to always pray at night before going to bed.

Everywhere we went she was the center of attention, and I mean why not she was dope! She was a wonderful woman and I am so proud to have had her as my grandmother! Even though she is not with me presently, she will always be with me in spirit and while shopping.

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