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These are my top 5 favorite dresses (and skirt) of all time.

"Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life" - Bill Cunningham

I love this quote because I feel that it's true! We all have our own sense of style and it is our armor when it comes to stepping outside of our homes. Facing the world head on, with how we feel the world should see us. I love to see creatives that are able to put together their armor from head to toe. Down to the very last detail. Matching or color blocking, I make sure I give out compliments because sometimes, it's not a uniformed look.

When I say uniformed, think of something that would catch your eye and make you question.. why that outfit.

I embrace it! The confidence, the grace, the poise, the "this is me" attitude! Yes! We need to be more caring and loving when it comes to fashion. Fashion is an art! Every time we go into a store to buy a new set of wardrobe, you're creating your piece of art for yourself. You are the canvas. Add more colors.

"You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it"

I love these outfits because one, they are mostly vintage (grandmothers) two they are all statement pieces, (all original) three I love how I feel in them, and four most of them have POCKETS!!

I truly believe that if you are dressed well, you will go far. People look at clothes, people look at how others are dressed and how they carry themselves. It's important to walk out and show out, because you never know what's goin to happen and who you'll meet.

It may seem tiresome however, if you go back to my blog post about waking up at 5 am, this is similar. Looking your best is a part of your resume. You are the front cover of your book, what happens next is up to you. So yes. Do go to #starbucks in a fabulous wrap dress and boots. See what happens.

"Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them" - Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs said it best! It's important to live in your clothes, go for amazing long rides in them, take them to the beach, travel in your clothes! Why buy a cool outfit just to post it on instagram? I am proud to say that I have worn my wardrobe out and about and out again. I believe in recycling fashion and ... a washing machine.


I love giving out homework, shows off the teacher in me ;) Go through your closet, and see if you have anything that may still have a ticket on it. Figure out where you can wear that outfit. I know it may be hard due to the state the world is in right now, however be creative! (not just a post on instagram) Another helpful tip! Hang up your clothes so the hook of the hanger is facing you.

After a while look and see how often you wear more clothes than others. This will give you an idea on your style uniform, what you could donate, or sell, and how to recreate and live in your armor.


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