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If you know where that song lyric is from we are friends.

We were only in Paris for a day, but it felt like a year. The smells, the people, the heels, the noises, the men! I'll stop. But I was ready to move and never look back. The cola was so fresh. The Eiffel Tower is so damn cool. I didn't go into the Louvre but I will when I go back.

For lunch we stopped at a really cute spot, called Cafe di Roma, ate outside, and had plenty of coloring paper for the kids.

I ordered a salad, this salad was so good. I wanted three more. It was so healthy and filling at the same time. I never had a salad where I ended up that happy.

I fell in love with how everyone was dressed. The women and their heels... what I've been saying all along I've finally saw it for myself. It felt right being in Paris.

I bought coffee in front of the Norte Dame, that was the best coffee EVER. Call me biased for being in France, but it was amazing. All of the bridges have stairways down to the water, it was cool to people watch in Paris. It doesn't feel like New York. It's a better feeling.

Photos of The Eiffel Tower do not do it justice. You must go and see it for yourself. I wasn't able to see it sparkle at night due to the stricking events but being able to sit on the grass, and to see my future on this side of the world was sparkling enough.

I really appreciated that most of the food carts, and restaurants had gluten free options readily available, and no one made a face or judged when I said I couldn't have a certain food. I felt welcomed everywhere we went.

Our time was short in Paris, I really could have spent an entire week there, c'est La vie. I saw a few Instagram post recently that mentioned Paris being a dead city to party and have fun.... I beg to differ. This is the ultimate 30 and up city. Drinking wine at noon, and lounging by a bridge with bread and more wine, is the ultimate party. Plus! Everyone wore heels.

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I feel it's everyone's dream to be in Disneyland for FOUR days! I went on as many rides as possible, and allowed my legs to go numb waiting on line for a roller coaster.

Disneyland is a magical place, it was even more magical because everyone was speaking en Francis!

I felt like I was home. Honestly.

We surprised my niece Elizabeth with a super cool experience of dancing and singing with Elsa from Frozen. It was incredible! I didn't cry but I had those "Im 9 again" butterflies.

The Tower of Terror ride was my favorite. I went on the ride with no expectations, just a supportive auntie with her niece. Elizabeth ended up saving me because I screamed my head off to the point she felt concerned.

The food at Disney wasn't gluten free friendly. I think I even made a few of the wait staff cringe due to all of my restrictions. But I did eat! We went to a burger spot, two nights in a row. The burgers were pretty sweet. My favorite was the ratatouille restaurant and ride. We sat in a tea cup, and explored the restaurant as if we were mice. We wore cool 3D glasses, and screamed and laughed as we were shooed away by a broom, and sprayed with champagne. The food was great, however I did get in trouble with Vicky.... she wanted her leftovers and the wait staff took her plate. I had to sleep with one eye open that night. I had one job!

Our cabin was the coolest. We brought toys, games, a lot of food, and even bathrobes. The best part... it had a POOL!

I shared the room with Elizabeth and Evelyn. Reading bedtime stories to them was a nice bonding experience. I was too busy watching them fall asleep to actually read the book. I still can't believe my friend is a mommy!

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I visited Europe, and I didn't want to come back home. My dear friend Victoria, lives in Germany with her beautiful family. A friend visit was long over due. This wasn't just any best friend visit, this was an ultimate travel thru countries, eat amazing foods, and being the coolest auntie for two weeks visit.

I was greeted by three of my favorite people with cool signs drawn by my nieces and nephew. The hour and a half drive from Munich to Hohenfels was beautiful! The air smelled like what Febreeze thinks air should smell like.

The beginning of "I want to sit next to auntie" was already underway. I was so happy I was smiling up to my ears.

I did it I made it to Germany!

Walking into Vicky's abode felt like my home. I was immediately introduced to Buttercup, a cute fluffy ball of fur for a dog. Eric, her husband was home ready for a family dinner.

First night of food was too good and gluten free. An Asian buffet style restaurant with great choices. The coolest part about the restaurant, it was required to eat all of the food on your plate. No food left behind! Otherwise there was a food waste fee.

Could you imagine having that in America? Think of how much food you would put on your plate after knowing this policy! The food was amazing I ended up going back for seconds! Didn't waste a thing.

The time difference didn't hit me at first, I was too excited to be in a country with Febreeze smelling air. My first night in Germany was too cool, but the next morning was pretty impressive.

I got to be a kid again and go to Disney for the next 4 days!!

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