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Toot Toot. Ok!

A few weeks ago, I coached a client, Iliana Vega for a pageant. We rehearsed for 4 hours, making sure routines were spot on.

From facial expressions, to hand placements, to proper stage poses. I was sweating! At the pageant, she received Grand Supreme! When she wasn't called up for her age group, I knew that was good news.

The pageant was the Diamond Dollz Winter Winx pageant. Her mother made sure to read all of the pageant rules and guidelines to make sure Iliana's clothes and music was on point!

At the pageant, I like to watch the other contestants to see the competition. I can tell who is seasoned and who is green to pageantry. Pageants are really the best hobby/career in the world. Not only are you working on your confidence, you're working on your public speaking skills, and social skills. All of the contestants were super sweet and showed great sportsmanship.

Iliana left no crumbs... I think that's how they say it. The pageant was very successful and it ran smoothly. On to the next pageant!

Pageants are really magical. I am very proud of Iliana and all that she has accomplished. Her hard work, dedication, and discipline makes her a Queen. Keep on going Iliana!

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