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Disneyland Paris

I feel it's everyone's dream to be in Disneyland for FOUR days! I went on as many rides as possible, and allowed my legs to go numb waiting on line for a roller coaster.

Disneyland is a magical place, it was even more magical because everyone was speaking en Francis!

I felt like I was home. Honestly.

We surprised my niece Elizabeth with a super cool experience of dancing and singing with Elsa from Frozen. It was incredible! I didn't cry but I had those "Im 9 again" butterflies.

The Tower of Terror ride was my favorite. I went on the ride with no expectations, just a supportive auntie with her niece. Elizabeth ended up saving me because I screamed my head off to the point she felt concerned.

The food at Disney wasn't gluten free friendly. I think I even made a few of the wait staff cringe due to all of my restrictions. But I did eat! We went to a burger spot, two nights in a row. The burgers were pretty sweet. My favorite was the ratatouille restaurant and ride. We sat in a tea cup, and explored the restaurant as if we were mice. We wore cool 3D glasses, and screamed and laughed as we were shooed away by a broom, and sprayed with champagne. The food was great, however I did get in trouble with Vicky.... she wanted her leftovers and the wait staff took her plate. I had to sleep with one eye open that night. I had one job!

Our cabin was the coolest. We brought toys, games, a lot of food, and even bathrobes. The best part... it had a POOL!

I shared the room with Elizabeth and Evelyn. Reading bedtime stories to them was a nice bonding experience. I was too busy watching them fall asleep to actually read the book. I still can't believe my friend is a mommy!

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