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Lose yourself!

Pageant interviews!!!!! Let me tell you I have had a time with pageant interviews since I was 8 years old.

My first interview was with American Coed Pageants, now called MAC Pageants. (yea that long ago)

The pageant director for New Jersey really helped me, and all of the contestants competing in the pageant with interview skills, introduction, and evening wear. I learned not to say "um", "like", "yea", and a few other things.

Pageant interviews really set you up for a job interview, but then again, a pageant interview is for a job... a job the also includes great bonuses but no 401k (insert laughter)

Interview was my most hated competition, I would get really sweaty, freak out, forget my name, think of all the possible ways to embarrass myself. (my imagination can run wild)

As my pageant career improved, and I won my first title of Miss New Jersey Sweetheart (third times the charm) I realized that pageant interview, is all about YOU.

How can there possibly be a wrong answer, when the judges are looking for your opinion, and how eloquently you speak? Yes nerves kick in. I have heard pageant friends say that the Miss America interview is hard, ten minutes in a room with powerful people... I can see how that can feel like a tough hot seat.

Now the big HOWEVER! It takes time to be able to work your way into a serious interview like #MissAmerica watch youtube videos of interviews, pause the video and try to answer the questions before you hear the contestants response. This is one way I practice for pageant interviews. One question that really took me by surprise, was "Do you think that your beauty gets in the way from working with other women?" #MissUnitedStates

Honestly I couldn't tell if the judge was complimenting me or trying to see what kind of reaction she would pull out of me. My response wasn't right away, I looked at her (not in a funny way) and said, do you think your beauty gets in the way from working with women?

Sometimes, I feel, if you don't have an automatic response to a question, ask the question to the judge and start a conversation. It is about how you deliver your answers. You have to be confident in yourself, any type of question can come your way. It's all about how you handle it with style and grace.

So, what can you do before your pageant interview to help you calm your nerves?

Plenty!! I listen to my favorite song by #Eminem Lose Yourself. I have never put this song on a pageant contestant sheet as my favorite song... I think we can all agree why. But it is! I know the lyrics, I jam out head banging, jumping up and down, and I am good to go. I love the chorus. "You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow, opportunity comes once in a lifetime" Those words mean so much to me. The career I have chosen as a dancer, business owner, pageant coach, model, all of those jobs... You only get one shot, one opportunity to grasp it... Or would you just let it slip? (if you know the song you know what I just did)

Before you go into your next pageant interview follow these steps. You don't have to follow this order, but see if it will help you win the judges over:

  1. Look at yourself in the mirror say your name, why you want to be the next queen

  2. Find a playlist you like to listen to while you put on your pageant interview makeup


  4. Go to the bathroom! You'll thank me later

  5. Review your pageant contestant resume, just incase you forget your name (lol)

  6. Listen to your favorite podcast or song before you leave your room, and jam out go crazy!

  7. Bring your head phones to the waiting area for interview

  8. Replay the song or mantra, when you are third in line for pageant interview

  9. You are ready to go

  10. Be confident.

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