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One pair of heels

Packing light is essential to me. Even for pageants. Bringing too much makes me feel overwhelmed, in my hotel room, and even on stage.

when I pack just enough, I feel at ease, my list is organized, and pageant weekend is much smoother.

In my latest Tik Tok I wear a few of my favorite interview outfits, and I only have one pair of heels on. That's because, I would only wear one pair of heels for the entire pageant weekend.

It's a leg, ankle, and foot saver. I'm a dancer as well, so muscle memory is really a thing. If you train your legs and mind to remember one pair of heels, they will start to feel like sneakers. Or just as comfortable.

Now this post is mainly for a state pageant weekend or day pageant. I don't think I could only bring one pair of heels to a National pageant week. There may be a pageant rule about that. (Insert pageant laugh)

My pageant weekend suitcase includes:

One pair of heels

Interview Outfit

Rehearsal Outfit

Fun Party Outfit

The comfiest pjs

Head cloth

Fenty Makeup


Maui Shampoo, Conditioner, Leave In spray, and Camille Rose Curly Cream

Going home clothes

Hygiene essentials

Pageant weekend is typically Friday - Sunday (yup two nights) looking at the pageant schedule helps me know what style of clothing, and how much I need to bring with me.

I usually carry my evening gown, I can't have my dress wrinkled! (The things we do as pageant girls)

My suitcase is a carry on, I keep everything super tight, and neat. I match the jewelry to the clothes, and it's always a must to try on everything BEFORE pageant weekend, just in case you have to make any last minute changes.

Pageants are jobs, for one year. You have to make sure you look your absolute best. By figuring out what you need, with a minimalistic mindset will help you. Keep your lists small, but to the point.

So for your next pageant weekend...

1 Go over your pageant schedule to highlight the style of clothing you need to bring

2 Think small, what are your MUST BRING items for pageant weekend?

3 Try on EVERYTHING before you pack, down to the earrings

4 Don't forget to pack your confidence 😎👑

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